Reality TV star is victim of a Bitcoin scam

TV reporter makes millions in Bitcoin (BTC)?

British X-factor star Rylan Clark-Neal, who is also known for winning the Celebrity Big Brother, has just warned his Twitter followers not to fall for a cryptocurrency fraud that uses his name to attract investors . The fraud with the TV star is currently circulating on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Rylan warned his followers:

“There’s a fake interview on Facebook and social platforms that claims to be the daily mirror but doesn’t say how I made millions with Bitcoin. Don’t fall for it. ”

The warning comes amidst a steady stream of Bitcoin (BTC) scams that advertise on Facebook with targeted ads to spread fake interviews that claim that localized celebrities earned a small fortune by investing in Bitcoin. In the commentary section of Clark-Neal’s post, a Twitter user states that he has received emails alleging that 66-year-old English comedian Jim Davidson “has recovered from Covid by going in cryptocurrency invested ”.


The Bitcoin scams are always the same and have been around for years. Back in March, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Authority (SEC) warned of a crypto-ponzi scheme that targets Filipino, Australian, and European investors by falsifying prominent advocates on Facebook.