Harald Seiz | The future of money – what will it look like?

In his book “The Future of Money”, the author, founder and CEO of Karatbars International, addresses a currently explosive and intensively discussed topic. The economy is booming, we are living in times of peace, and the labor market has been growing for decades. Yet what is also growing is the uncertainty among the population. The euro is fluctuating and not too long ago, word of the abolition of cash garnered widespread attention. What will the future of money look like, will state currencies continue to endure, and what can individuals do to maintain their liquidity in the future and to protect themselves from external influences and all factors affecting the future of money?

Harald Seiz knows the answers to these questions and knows what the future of money looks like. In his book “The Future of Money”, he addresses various ideas and options for future payment, financial security and protection against times of crisis. He sums up the future of money and speaks out clearly for the relevance of gold as a currency.


Gold will revolutionize the payment system – Impressions by Harald Seiz

In the introduction to the book, the author already explores the most important thoughts about the future of money. “We are paying with fiat money and currencies made out of thin air, formulated as promises, cannot be the future of money.” As has happened several times in the past, the financial system we know today will crash and call for a new solution. Harald Seiz knows that the future of money lies in gold and has dedicated an entire book to this school of thought. Here he discusses the concerns of the population, addresses the facts of modern times and draws comparisons with earlier conventional monetary systems. He talks about cryptocurrencies, which will also gain importance in the future and will replace today’s conventional bank transfers as a digital means of payment. Since a society is unable to function without physical values, he sees the future of money primarily in gold. Harald Seiz deliberately does not advocate investing gold in larger denominations, but rather gold as a regular payment currency with cross-border validity. Which way will the future of money point to, in which direction will we go? How can we ensure a secure future for money and protect ourselves when online banking ceases to work and we no longer get cash from ATMs? What may have sounded like a dystopia just a few years ago is a serious concern among the population today regarding the future of money, and hence their own future.


The future of money needs a focus with stable value

Bank crashes, wars and crises in the world are not “horror scenarios” made up out of thin air. According to Harald Seiz, the future of money truly looks bleak if the population relies on the market to regulate itself and the financial sector to find a solution. In difficult times, there really is only one reasonable answer to the question of how the future of money can be built. In his book, the author makes some convincing suggestions and acts on the current mood in the financial market.